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We take great pleasure in introducing you M/s ELE- INVESTMENTS as PORTFOLIO MANAGERS.

It is a difficult job for an individual to make a correct decision as to where to park his hard earned savings so that he can manage to meet inflation as well as can grow his capital. Usual avenues are bullion, property or BANKS. His main concerns are SAFETY, LIQUIDITY and GOOD RETURNS.

An average middle class never sells bullion, property requires large sums and cannot be sold as rapidly as it requires legal formalities and of course BANK gives poor returns.

Mr. Dheeraj Parmar

In this scenario when the Indian industries are moving towards Globalisation due to liberal Economic policies, intelligence lies in investing in our industries through Equity Participation, Debentures and other Money Market Instruments. But you may feel hesitant because of some risk. There cannot be better Gains if there is no risk.

But the risk can be minimized. This is where M/s ELE-INVESTMENTS along with its team of professionals and continuous EQUITY RESEARCH offer their services to suggest safe and growing parking avenues for your hard earned money, so that you get optimum to maximum returns during a stipulated period.

We will be too happy to answer any queries from you. Looking ahead for an era of mutual benefits.

Welcome to Ele Investments

Mutual Fund Schemes :
Diversified Funds/ Specialty / Theme Based Funds/ Sector Funds/ Tax Planning Funds/ Arbitrage Funds/ Index Funds/ Asset Allocation Funds / Income Funds Liquid Funds.

Balanced Funds
U.L.I.P.—Tax Saving Schemes
For – 5 Years
For – 10 Years
For – 15 Years

Retirement Benefit Plan
Taxable/ Capital Gain Tax Bonds (u/s 54 EC) : (Interest Rate as on form)
GOI, RBI Relief Bonds of I.C.I.C.I/I.D.B.I/H.D.F.C

The following categories shall be considered as retail:
Minor through *GUARDIAN
H.U.F. (Hindu Undivided Families)

The following categories shall be considered as wholesale:
Company / Body Corporates /P.S.U.’s
Trust / Society

Advisor – All leading Mutual Funds
I.P.O. / F.P.O. Placement for all major public issues(N.R.I. /O.C.B. etc.)
Advisor Sale/ Purchase of equity shares
Investor Club (Portfolio Management)
Dealing in (Life Insurance Policies.)
(For further information or for your investment analysis any large amount application, please contact us.)

We welcome your advice to serve you better. Thanks.