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Dear Friends,

Sub: Invitation to join INVESTORS CLUB

We take great pleasure in inviting you to join INVESTORS CLUB of M/s ELE-INVESTMENTS

As you may be aware that our company is engaged in to various INVESTMENT activities, both in the CAPITAL MARKET segment
and DEBT MARKET segment.

This club is formed primarily with the objective of safeguarding the interests of INVESTORS of INDIA, in mutual benefit to exchange investment guidance and to discuss positive beneficial investment proposals at members meetings and get-together. The MEMBERSHIP is
for the Financial year (APRIL –MARCH).

For a limited period there is no admission fee. The subscription- fee is as under:


  Annual Fee:   Rs. 6000
  PMS [Portfolio Management Service]
Depending on Portfolio size
  Rs. 12,000


You and your friends are requested to enroll yourself as a Member of this club.

Thanking you and hoping to receive enthusiastic response from you.

Your’ s faithfully: