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Systematic Transfer Plan (STP)

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While investing in a debt fund normally assures you of fairly consistent returns, equities have the potential to create wealth. But the unpredictability in equity funds can be quite a deterrent when you make a choice. To combine the best of both worlds, we present Systematic Transfer plan.

Ideal for

Investors who want to invest lump sum money in schemes with stable returns and ensure small exposure to equity schemes in order to avail of the potential for higher growth through equities.Invest a lump sum amount in a debt-oriented scheme (Debt scemes can be either 100% debt or High Debt and Low equity). Specify a desired amount to be transferred to any equity schemes of the same AMC . This works like a SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) . Lowering Risk and increasing returns. This is best suited when markets have peaked or the investor is unsure of the further uptrend in the market


Investor has the option of:
1. Weekly Systematic Transfer Plan:
2. Fortnightly Systematic Transfer Plan:
3. Monthly Systematic Transfer Plan:
4. Quarterly Systematic Transfer Plan:

Minimum Balance:

Minimum Balance in the Scheme at the time of enrollment for STP facility should be Rs.6,000/-

Minimum Transfer Amount:

1. Monthly Systematic Transfer Plan:
Investors are required to instruct for minimum 12 transfers of Rs. 500/- and above each or minimum 6 transfers of Rs. 1000/- and above each

2. Quarterly Systematic Transfer Plan:
Investors are required to instruct for minimum 4 transfers of Rs. 1500/- and above each.